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What Can You Expect When You Call on RoofMasters?

  1. We’ll contact you 2-3 days to schedule the installation, if there is anything outside that could be damaged, please move it to the back corner of the yard or into the garage prior to installation day or ask us for help on the morning of installation to ensure nothing gets damaged or broken.
  2. If there is anything inside hanging on walls or in the attic that could be damaged or has great value, we ask you to cover it or move it to a safer area towards the inside of the home
  3. We start working early (7:00am) to begin removing the existing roof on your home and work until done, expect 8-12 hours of work (depending on the size of the roof). Materials will be delivered the same day or a day earlier depending on availability.
  4. The installation process is LOUD. We use air compressors for nail guns, think of a lawn mower engine running for 8 hours consecutively
  5. This process is potentially disruptive to anyone inside, especially pets, depending on your pet it may be a good idea to have your pets off-site for the day. You know them better than us, but we care about everyone inside. It’s your choice!
  6. The crews will take breaks and sit in the shade on breaks and when they have lunch. They may leave to get lunch or Gatorade, if they leave, they’ll be back shortly.
  7. We strive to be done in 1 day with your roof installation, sometimes the job turns into more work than we anticipated, and it may extend into the next day, we’ll make you aware if this occurs! Scope of Work for the Roof Installation:
  8. We will protect your home, landscaping and driveway with heavy duty tarps and breathable canvas covers that resist rips and tears as the 2+ TONS of shingle waste, nails, roof debris and metal are removed from the home. We do our best to protect the home & surrounding areas.
  9. We will remove and dispose of all the existing shingles, felt paper/underlayment’s, vents, pipe boots, flashings, edge metals etc. WE WILL NOT REUSE OLD MATERIALS, we dispose of them safely & properly in our dump trailers. The dump trailers are on wheels, so we don’t damage your driveway. The dump trailer will be removed the same day and safely hauled away.
  10. Our team will clean the lawn, bushes and landscaping and perform a magnetic sweep multiple times to ensure we clean up every piece of debris & trash from the roof.
  11. After the existing roof is removed, we will perform a thorough inspection of the roof decking to assess its strength, stability, and ability to structurally support your new roofing system. We will replace ANY boards or pieces that don’t meet the criteria above or show mold, are rotting or splitting, etc. We will take photos to document this,
  12. After we ensure a safe, solid roof deck for your roofing system to be installed upon we will begin the installation process of the roofing system of your choice. This process is loud & potentially disruptive to those inside especially pets, if it’s possible to have your pets off-site for the day that is sometimes preferred depending on your pet.
  13. The components of the roofing system are installed throughout the day, and this is where you can start to see the roof come together with the color & style you chose. The installation of the new roof typically starts early to midafternoon & goes until the evening (depending on the job)
  14. We will perform various cleanups throughout the day and a thorough cleaning at the end of the day & double check before we leave for the day. We will perform a magnet sweep of the property to ensure nails are not left behind.

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Customer Reviews

We are so happy with RoofMasters service and work quality! They were able to take care of us quickly, making sure our roof was repaired before the most recent snow storm. They arrived on time, and got the work done within the same day. They did a fantastic job and cleaned everything up when they were done. Thank you RoofMasters!

Kim B.

After some damage to my mother’s roof occurred I didn’t know who to call. Luckily I got in touch with Roof Masters and the experience/service received was seamless, timely, and professional. It didn’t take long to get an appointment. Steve and the team answered all of my questions and delivered quality work. The roof was put up in no time and the workers were very meticulous and kept the grounds clean. I would highly recommend their services!

Victor W.

We are so happy we went with RoofMasters to replace our roof and siding. Steve and his crew were exceptional. Steve visited us multiple times. He was on time every time, and always treated our house as if it were his own. Steve worked with us on every detail.

David P.

RoofMasters did a wonderful job! My roof was in very poor condition. I was given a date time (two weeks out) that they would be at my house to start the job and they were there exactly as they said they would be. My yard around the garage was cleaned up nicely, they did a beautiful job, they were on time and at a good price. What more could you ask. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mary P.

RoofMasters did a fabulous job with my new roof! They arrived promptly with a full crew that was very professional and meticulous with both the installation and cleanup. There was not one bit of debris left behind. The roof looks beautiful! I am very happy and would highly recommend them!

Lori W.

RoofMasters came early on the day promised, worked continuously paying attention to not damaging any area surrounding my home. They were all hard workers, did a fabulous job and I am 100% satisfied with my new roof. Would not hesitate to hire them again.

Bernice P.

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