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Many different kinds of problems can compromise a roof system. Very obvious signs are leaks, missing shingle tabs or curling, raised or crumbling shingles, algae growth and granule loss. Often it can be hard to know where to begin to look and, often, homeowners aren’t really sure what they are looking for. Contact RoofMasters to perform a free roof inspection periodically. We will know what kinds of problems to look for and where to look for them before they cause extensive damage.

A complete roof replacement requires a “tearoff” of your existing roof system, structural repairs if needed and new shingle installation. Cost depends on the type of shingle, style and warranty/durability you choose. Each home is different. Talk to your RoofMasters professional to choose the best roofing material and style for your home, budget, and unique needs.

In many cases a full roof replacement in not needed. It would depend on the age and condition of the rest of the roof. Repairing a roof with shingles that are beyond their life expectancy is not practical and would be risking further problems down the road. Structural damage caused by the leak also needs to be considered. Sometimes flashing repair or replacing a damaged shingle is all thats needed. Talking to RoofMasters is the best way to know whether only minor repairs OR a full roof replacement is necessary. In many cases we will perform minor roof repairs free of charge.

The life span of a roof system is determined by a number of factors, like: roof system design, building structure, material quality, material suitability, proper installation, periodic maintenance, local climate, and much more. Better quality materials typically carry longer warranties up to fifty years. RoofMasters provides warranties on the materials and workmanship for all roofing installations.

For an average size home, without structural damage present, most roofs can be installed in one day including tearoff, underlayments, flashing, drip edges and thorough clean up.

Yes. We have many financing options with affordable monthy payments or take advantage of our no payments or interest for 12 months and INSTANT ON SITE APPROVAL. Contact RoofMasters for details.

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